8 Questions To Ask Your Criminal Attorney!

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Some people believe that criminal lawyers are just for people accused of serious felonies, but a lawyer can help you with minor legal issues too. Consulting a Rochester, MN criminal attorney can help you with your case to a great extent. In this article, we’ll explore some of the questions you should ask your criminal lawyer should you ever need one.

1. What are some of the most common charges against which you practice?

One of the most important aspects of having an attorney is learning about the crimes under which they practice. Knowing what types of cases are typically tried against each attorney can help you decide whether that specific attorney is right for you.

2. How long have you been a criminal lawyer?

There are numerous advantages to hiring a lawyer who has been practicing criminal law for years. One great example of this is knowing what to expect during each stage of your case. 

3. How will the other party find out about my pending criminal case?

You may be surprised to discover that criminal cases are very public. Most criminal offenses are public records online. With this in mind, you’ll want to know how your attorney plans to protect you from unwanted attention.

4. Will the hired attorney represent me at trial or will speak with prosecutors on my behalf?

The vast majority of criminal cases do not go to trial, but they still require legal representation. In case a trial is announced, will they represent you is an important question to ask.

5. How is my case going to be handled?

You may not be familiar with criminal law proceedings; only an experienced criminal lawyer understands the proper way to approach them.

6. What will you need from me during the case?

A lot of things play into a person’s ability to harness criminal defense lawyers. In particular, those accused of multiple crimes must be diligent in documenting their whereabouts as much as possible.

7. How will the attorney’s fee be determined?

It can be challenging to determine how much you’ll need to pay your criminal lawyer under the circumstances. From there, it is essential to understand what your payment options are and how they’ll be handled during the case.

8. How long will my case likely take to resolve?

It is essential to know how long your case will take to resolve. This will give you a chance to better plan your life around potential court dates and give you an idea of the time required to resolve your case. 

To find the best criminal lawyer, you need to ask many questions before making any decisions. Don’t be shy!