Car accident in Houston: Quick facts about hiring an attorney!

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Texas is a fault state. If a driver is responsible for causing an accident, they are liable for the losses and injuries caused to others. After a car crash in Houston, you should promptly inform the local police, and if someone is injured, call 911 without delay. If you feel okay, gather photographic evidence from the accident scene and exchange insurance information with other drivers. Note down the contact details of witnesses, if any. Once things are normal, consider informing your insurer and call a Houston car accident attorney. Below are some facts worth knowing about hiring a lawyer. 

When do you need a lawyer after a car accident?

If your injuries are minor, you can file a claim with your insurer and expect a decent settlement. However, there are other circumstances when hiring a lawyer can help. Call an attorney if –

  • Your injuries are severe
  • You are likely to suffer from permanent disabilities
  • You were partly at fault
  • There was a commercial truck involved
  • The accident involved a government employee on duty
  • You are unsure of the events
  • The other party’s insurer has denied your claim 
  • There were many vehicles involved

In most cases, it can be hard to determine who or what caused the accident. Establishing fault and liability is the first step for filing an insurance claim, and it all starts with investigating the crash. If you leave it to the insurance representative, they will do anything to minimize what they pay for the claim. An attorney can help negotiate with the insurance company, and when needed, they can even file an injury lawsuit. Texas’s statute of limitations gives you two years to file an injury lawsuit, and therefore, you don’t have much time either. 

How much do accident lawyers charge in Houston?

Personal injury lawyers in Houston and the rest of Texas typically take a contingency fee. For the unversed, this is an arrangement when the lawyer gets paid if the client wins a financial settlement. It is much easier for accident victims to avail legal representation with such an arrangement. The contingency fee is typically dependent on the case, but lawyers cannot typically take more than 40% of the settlement. 

Ask the attorney if they deal with accident claims and lawsuits regularly in their work. You can also check online reviews to compare your choices and get a few references from top attorneys.