Pharmacy Technician Program

Pharmacy TechnicianAs an permitted program of the Maryland Board of Pharmacy, graduates of this program may register as Pharmacy Technicians in Maryland with no further testing. As an Omnicare Long-Term Care Pharmacy Technician, you’ll manage department work move, productivity and performance, supervise Pharmacy Technicians and work with senior Technicians to help present care to those in skilled nursing services, assisted living communities, and power care settings.

With the appropriate amount of coaching and expertise, pharmacy technicians may be promoted to supervisory roles, could seek specialization (e.g., sterile compounding, informatics), or might pursue further education and training to turn out to be a pharmacist.

The place a hospitalized affected person might ask a drug-associated query of her doctor, in this setting the pharmacy tech is likely to be requested about the administration of a selected medicine, such as right dosages and should the medicine be taken with meals or on an empty stomach.

These include reviewing medicine histories, technician product verification (TPV), hazardous drug administration, billing and reimbursement, immunization help, supply chain management, monetary assistance, treatment remedy administration, patient care transitions, training, management, and supervisory roles.

The day of a mail-order pharmacy tech may start with meetings with pharmacists and other techs, from there, duties might embrace getting ready compounds, sustaining the patient database, filling vials of medication and stock maintenance.

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