Protection you can adopt to keep ED away

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is currently leading the charts when things troubling the lives of men are concerned. With patients all across the globe, ED is a source of fear among men and even young ones who just stepped into adulthood. Earlier ED was linked with age, that old men tend erection. But this theory has been busted with the rise of ED cases in men below 30 years of age. ED deprives both men and women of sexual satisfaction.

Don’t get confused as ED is a male disorder but if the man is unable to get erect, the female will have to compromise her desires. For a successful relationship, ED must be eradicated completely for ultimate pleasure. Your sex life is directly affected by the activities you do in regular life. The food you eat, the number of hours you sleep, your addictions and diseases everything affects erection.

For a good erection that brings a smile to your partner’s face, it’s better to prevent ED rather than thinking about problems later. After contracting ED there are not many ways but to take Sildenafil Cenforce 200 to bring erection back. In this article, we shall focus on the preventive measures to keep ED away.

First, let’s understand ED

Before we move to discuss the preventive measures first understand what the real problem is. The problem is rooted in faulty blood circulation in the body, especially in the penile region. When a man is seduced or exposed to sexual stimulation, an enzyme called cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) is released. cGMP works to smoothen the erectile tissues for easy movement of blood through it. The brain orders a huge influx of blood in the blood vessels of the penis. This results in the expansion of blood vessels causing an erection. This is the normal situation when everything is good and fine.

During ED due to smoking, too much alcohol consumption, cholesterol, diabetes, anxiety, depression, hypertension or injuries and many other reasons the secretion of cGMP is affected. Thus, the erectile tissues are not smoothened as they should be. The blood therefore cannot pass swiftly through the region. Hence, an appropriate amount of blood fails to enter the penis. The expansion of blood vessels, therefore, is much less as compared to earlier. The brain then instructs blood to move in the penile region, but due to hardness in erectile tissues, it is stopped from entering the penile region. Therefore, erection is either half-baked or no erection at all.

From here, we understand that the most important thing for the erection is the movement of blood in the penis. Any obstruction from the path of blood must be removed instantly to overcome Erectile Dysfunction. Pills like Sildenafil, do the same thing they create a situation in the body where blood encounters no difficulty while moving into the penis. Blood pressure is significantly reduced, the tension in the pelvic muscles is reduced and secretion of cGMP is increased which makes erectile tissues excessively smooth to accommodate more blood.

What protection can one adopt to keep ED away?

Preventing ED is very easy, just be conscious of what you do in a day. Almost every action of yours can have an adverse effect on erection. Given below are some steps to prevent ED:

Eat consciously 

In today’s generation eating junk food or fast food is a craze to the extent that it has become their staple food. Burgers, pizza, pasta, French fries, hot dogs you just name it. But we forget the implications it brings on our bodies. These foods contain high levels of cholesterol and sugar making you vulnerable to obesity and diabetes. Cholesterol sticks on the opening of the arteries supplying blood to organs thus, preventing blood from flowing into organs, including the penis. The penis becomes deficient in the blood which leads to reduced erection, i.e., ED. One should go for green vegetables, fruits and fibre rich items.

Sleep well

Sleeping is very important for your body. It recharges your body and replenishes the lost energy in daily activities. Think as the rest given to machines after working for so long. If overworked the machines wear and tear, similarly our body gets exhausted due to lack of sleep. Today people are forced to work for 16 to 18 hours by companies. Profit has become the main motive without caring about the health of employees. It leads to an increase in cases of stress, depression, anxiety and heart attack. Getting an erection in such a situation is next to impossible, you have to take Sildenafil Cenforce 100.

Exercise daily

Move your body, do not remain lazy and sleepy all day. Exercise daily or get enrolled in outdoor activities such as dance, aerobatics or your favourite sports. This keeps the blood circulation at a normal rate, keeps your mood uplifted, stress is reduced and lethargy gets over. Such a situation is favourable for getting into the mood for sexual pleasure.