Weight loss without diets

It’s time to confess that diets don’t work.
Studies at the University of California show that almost two-thirds of diet attempts fail.
There is also proof that many people who try to lose weight with diets increase weight in the future: participants in one of the weight loss programs increased drastically more weight in two years than those who did not participate in such programs.

I’m sure if most people were mindful of this fact, they wouldn’t even try to lose weight with diets!
Diets just don’t work. It’s time to change the attitude to the problem. Here are some simple and effective weight loss strategies.

Love your food

Then the diets do not work, you do not need to limit or dismiss your favorite foods with a diet.
Eat when you want, and only what you really like. Moderate.
Want a chocolate cake? Forward! Juicy steak? Ok!
You no longer have to make yourself to eat diet foods that taste like cardboard and are also not too nutritious.

But at the same time, it’s important to give up rules like, “It’s time to eat, because it’s time for lunch / dinner.”

Eat only when you are really hungry. Food is our “tasty fuel”, so wait until your stomach starts sending you a signal that it really needs that fuel.

Maintain a healthy microflora

Many studies show a link between microflora problems and obesity, so you need to take care of your microflora.
Involve natural yogurt with probiotics in your diet, not diet yogurt. Homemade cheese made according to traditional recipes, as well as products that do not contain antibiotics and pesticides.
Proper nutrition helps prevent up to 70% of diseases.
Weight loss without diets – the diet of modern man consists mainly of products subjected to artificial processing, which the body can not fully absorb.
It is very important to eat quality food, saying a firm “no” to artificially processed foods full of harmful “chemistry”.

It is well known that the words “low-fat” or “low-fat” on products only essentially mean that these products are full of sugar, additives and colors.
Do not buy products that include unknown or stable ingredients.

Buy less ready-made food, get ready!
When you move to healthy and tasty foods, you will absolutely notice that they eat enough to get enough and stay full for longer after eating.
Yes, and again: skin, nails and hair will look much better.

Eat with concentration, stopping eating as soon as you feel full.

When eating, it’s important to focus on the presentand actually on the food.
Take time, feel its smell, taste, chew each piece carefully.
We are so used to the pointless assimilation of food that we do not notice when we are hired.
That is why it is so important to eat slowly and present.

No need to eat everything to the crumbs!
This is especially true for those moments when we eat in a cafe or eat ready meals.
For example, purchased sandwiches are often just huge – twice the portion that is enough. It is very important to rethink the size of your “regular” portion.

Eat what you want, but listen to your body and stop when it tells you to “stop!”
The ability to determine when you are full must train like muscles.

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