Why Was Your Insurance Claim Denied?

Insurance Claim Rejected? Heres What To Do Next.

The immediate step that any person would take to seek compensation for the losses incurred due to accidents like motor accidents or slip and fall accidents is filing a claim to the insurance company. 

Although there is a misconception that the insurance company may not pay enough or sometimes may not pay at all, it is recommended to fight for the claim first. Hence, if you feel that the insurance claim may get rejected, you can seek professional help from lawyers at Johnston Law Firm who can offer legal advice on things to avoid an insurance claim denial.

Additionally, a few common factors are considered as terms and conditions applying to the policy. Usually, insurance companies will provide fair settlement as compensation only based on accurate verification and authorization. 

Here are some reasons for your insurance claim denial:

Once the claim gets verified, the further procedure gets seamless. Before that, you are advised to avoid a few mistakes while applying for an insurance claim. The following are some points that could be the reason for your insurance claim denial. 

  • Lack of evidence: 

It is evident that proof or any relevant information to the accident is documented in some way or the other because the insurance company might ask for proper evidence or supporting attachments during the process of providing settlement.

  • Absence of medical treatment: 

Although you might have got injured due to the other person’s negligence in an accident, you must seek medical attention immediately. Failing to do so can result in the rejection of a potential insurance claim since the insurance company might claim that the injury was not caused due to the accident. Hence, if you received medical treatment, you would have a medical report to show.

  • Drunk driving: 

Insurance claims are compensated for anyone injured due to another person’s negligence. Still, it is different in the event of drunk driving because the insurance company can deny a claim if they find out that you have done something intentionally, which resulted in an accident. If you attempt to drive under the influence of alcohol knowing that drunk driving is illegal, then any injury caused cannot be claimed.

  • Fake driving license: 

No fake, duplicate, expired, or forged license in any sector is accepted. Therefore, if a person seeks compensation via an insurance claim while holding a fake driving license, the insurance company would reject the claim immediately.

The above-listed points are valuable things to remember when applying for an insurance claim after getting into an accident. It is recommended to have an attorney to help through.